Social Impact Programs

We not only make socially aware documentaries, but also ensure that our documentaries have a Direct Social Impact.

Committed to sustainability, equal opportunity and policy change, we are more than just filmmakers.

Understanding the power of the moving image, we are devoted to real change.


Inter-disciplinary Research Fellowship 2021

Films founded in real research.

We welcome applications from Ph.D. students to translate their research into the visual form. By combining forces with researchers and philosophers of our time, we hope to stand out amidst the swarm of fake news and information circulating. in today's digital atmosphere. If you have a brilliant research topic, we are interested in listening to your story.

Applications Open Soon

Direct Social Impact Funding 2020

Tackling the Issue

As documentary filmmakers, we see every challenge as an opportunity to make real change. We are accepting applications for three film projects which are using the film as a medium to achieve Direct Social Impact. If you are passionate about the real people and their real life issues, Black Line can help you spread your story and achieve community welfare together.

Applications Open Soon

Corporate Responsibility Programme

Making a Difference

Every year, Black Line researches and develops documentaries in partnership with brands and organisations with a social outlook. In 2020, we invite applications from companies with a positive environmental impact to share their story. We will work with 2 companies to maximise their outreach with a documentary and marketing plan.

Applications Open Soon

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