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Our corporate strategy stems from a deep rooted belief that when businesses in an economy come together to produce something new and unique, everyone benefits from it. At Black Line, we try to find the best creative solutions for your businesses which benefits not only your company and ours, but also our surroundings which we have the power to impact by working together. Through all our documentary, fiction, advertising and educational projects are based on a strong corporate partnership ideology. We develop unique partnership strategies for different businesses that suits their business goals. We work with companies with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility and ethical business models, but we also help other companies transition to a more socially oriented business and marketing model.


Partnership Programmes for Corporates


Support a Black Line Documentary

Learn more about the ways we combine documentary storytelling with corporate allies who believe in the same causes as us.

Support Direct Change

Support a BL Documentary

Support unheard voices.

Film is one of the most diversified fields in which you can invest your resources since all our projects touch on different themes and genres telling the stories of a diverse range of people in a multitude of languages and countries. Based on the commitments that your company has, you can find one of our projects interesting to partner with in order to add your own story to the larger narrative of the film. Eg. If you are a company devoted to environmental change, we can discuss how our film Natural Solution and its associated marketing campaigns and events can benefit your company's growth.

Support a BL Social Programme

Working together for good

Governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as private organisations with a social outlook can help us achieve the social impact by supporting us with financial aid, film resources and educational tools that can help us expand our social projects to more countries and to more people. We offer opportunities for collaborating in various ways with our own projects as well as with other companies with similar values to create organically unique campaigns, films and programmes.

Socially Aware Marketing for Corporates

Let's create something together.

We pride ourselves in making awareness campaigns and ad films that have the power to make people stop scrolling. Our step-by-step approach ensures that social impact is achieved through meticulous social media, journalistic and film collaborations over the course of several months (depending on the specific project). Long term consumer impact is our highest priority.

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