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Direct Social Impact

Funding and Support for Stories with a Direct Social Impact

Since Black Line’s ethos demands direct social impact with each of our projects, we are accepting applications for three documentary projects (max 20 minutes) that use the medium of film to achieve long lasting impact on the individuals and communities that it features. Black Line will help design a clear impact strategy along with introducing your project to the right audiences.


Applications Open

15th May 2020

If you are a sponsor, organisation or corporate partner, please head to our corporate relations page.


Social Impact Funding for Filmmakers

Creating a network of support for documentary filmmakers trying to achieve social impact through their films.

Natural Solution Sustainable Film Lab 2020

Tackling the Issue of Climate Change head on.


At Black Line we are always looking for the stories which change lives, that inspire genuine action in the world. Additionally, through our commitment to direct social action, we are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to contribute to good causes around the world.

As part of our documentary Natural Solution, we will be supporting 8 documentaries (max 20 minute length) filmed by local filmmakers, telling the world about a Natural Solution to climate change that exists in your town, city or country that the world needs to know about.

Please Note: This is a film commission, not a film grant.

Grant Amount

8 projects worldwide receive €7,500 Production/Post- Production Funding and €7,500 Social Impact Funding


1. Online Application Form.

2. Film Proposal/ Media Deck. (max 15 slides)

3. Producer/Director's Statement. (1000 words)

4. Previous Work

5. Film Budget


1. Nationals from any country can apply.

2. The film must be filmed in a completely carbon neutral way. Please add to your application how you intend to achieve that.

3.  The applicant must hold the majority rights to the Film idea.

Important Dates

15 April: Applications Open.

14 July: Application Deadline.

15 October: Winners announced.

15 April (2021): Finished Film due.


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