Our Story

Direct Social Impact through Filmmaking.

Black Line is not only an audiovisual production company, but a medium to generate awareness, funds and change for the pressing issues of our world. Thus, creating a network of people determined to make social change, Black Line considers itself a medium to make the change we wish to see in the world.


Co- Founders


Ben Appleton

Co-Founder, Black Line Productions

Director, DOP, Editor.

Documentary, Advertising.


Prapti Mittal

Founder, Black Line Productions.

Writer, Producer

Fiction, Documentary


Roman Weston

Co-Founder, Black Line Productions

Editor, Producer



Black Line Original Content




Pinch of Salt (2020)

By Prapti Mittal (Worldwide Television and Online Release)

An 8 part documentary series about the relationship between food and social media, seen through the lives of over 16 bloggers based all around the world.



We take pride in being a group of well travelled filmmakers having lived in countries like Spain, UK, USA, India, Korea, Mexico, Canada with more friends all around the world. In 2020, our projects will be active in over 15 countries with offices in 3 countries-

UK, Spain and India covering the three widest spoken languages-

English, Spanish and Hindi.

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